New Years Morning, January 2014. by Keighlea_Martin on Flickr.

1. Do not describe your poems with adjectives like “shitty”. Do not call yourself “normal” or “boring”. Your hair is not too red. Your talent is not “alright”. And you are not just a socially awkward penguin. You are what you say and what you think and what you want to become. When you receive a compliment, do not put a “but” or an “I don’t think so” or any backhanded contradiction in your reply. Accept it and say your thank yous sincerely. There is a difference between humility and negativity. Devaluing yourself is not attractive.

2. Stop chasing after boys who don’t even make the effort to message you, chase you, or get to know you. You are sick of people who make you feel they don’t want you enough. Find someone who knows what they want. Find someone who knows what they want is you.

3. Some people can not give you what you want. They do not have what you are looking for. And that is completely okay.

- Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | For Days When I Feel Like I Am Anything Less (via surfandwrite)

(via n-ovaturient)

Anonymous: i love you

well then you should come off of anon :)

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